NCTS Presents, 2016-2017 Theatre Season

NCTS Presents, 2016-2017 Theatre Season

The 2015-2016 season has officially come to a close, which means we’ve run out of shows to review – so this week we are highlighting the show’s that are coming up. We preview the 2016-2017 seasons for the Cape Fear Regional Theatre, the Gilbert Theater and the Temple Theatre. This week’s episode also includes a special surprise birthday story for our new co-host Ruth Golsteyn.

Give it a listen, and shoot us an email or comment to give us your thoughts (what better way to channel all one’s anger than in an Internet comment? … Or like… say something nice).

To see a complete list of the upcoming seasons go to the CFRT, Gilbert Theater or Temple Theatre websites (click the names).


  1. Ohhhh wow! Welcome back! I am so glad you guys are back! Miss Lynn so much but you guys are perfect together. You have such an energy! So cute.

    Bring Lynn on as guest maybe ? We miss him but this is so great that you’re back .

    Ps: you guys forgot the blues and brews!


  2. Omg. I for real cried at that first part. that was beautiful . really. I needed that …… Ty.


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