This week’s episode has a theme – Boozing meets Broadway.

We speak with two guests. Women’s Theatre Festival’s Rachel Kasken about the “WTF Karaoke Musical” event taking place November 10 at The Wicked Witch bar in Raleigh (learn more here. ) And Paul Malone of the Cary Playwright’s Forum, which have brought back their annual bar themed playwright showcase, “Bar Plays 4.0” at the Fortnight Brewing Company. That show started today and will end its run on November 8.

We were running a bit late this week, so this episode features a quicker more to the point format. Let us know in the comments what you guys think, or if you want the silly intros back.

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Also – tomorrow we should have our review for the Cape Fear Regional Theatre of Fayetteville’s current production of “Peter Pan and the Star Catcher” up for your listening pleasure, so stay tuned.