Episode 5 is here, and features our first New York transplant, as well as our first actor, Justin Patrick Mohr (all previous interviews have been with actors/directors), who is starring in the Gilbert Theater’s current production of “Book Club.” But those aren’t the only “firsts” this week. This week, instead of doing our usual quiz, our host Lynn Pryer decided to challenge guest Justin Patrick Mohr to a game of charades. That’s right – charades in an audio show … There may be a good reason this has never been done before.

During this week’s episode, Justin talks about his experience as a New York actor, recommends some great online resources for working actors ( Playbill.com¬†for listings and actorsaccess.com for jobs), as well as a favorite book of his, David Mamet’s “True and False: Heresey and Common Sense for the Actor,” which can be purchased here.

To find out about times and tickets for “Book Club,” click here.